Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dollars and sense

Could you even try to guess how much money you've spent on baseball cards over the years? I don't think I've spent a staggering amount. I started collecting when I was young and probably spent whatever I could get my hands on back then, which wasn't much at all. Then I took a break and didn't collect baseball cards at all for quite a few years. And now that I'm back into it, I still haven't spent a ton of money on it. I know that some people get new boxes in all the time and spent lots of dough chasing sweet hits and rare cards. Maybe someday I'll have the cash to throw around like that, but I'm quite happy to get the cards that I do and just try to build a couple sets and hope for a hit or two along the way. I like it that way - keep it simple like when I was a kid. Maybe collect certain players and every once in a while maybe I'll splurge on a sweet card I want. Like some more of those 1909-1911 T206 cards...

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