Friday, January 30, 2009

Good posts from other blogs

Here's the latest installment of posts I've enjoyed from other card blogs:

From Wax Heaven:
Are young collectors going the way of the dinosaur? I hope not, I started collecting when I was a kid.
The chronicles of Flair - one of my favorite sets ever.

From Cardboard Problem:
A post about random cards that we like - everyone has 'em. What are yours?

From Cardboard Junkie:
Deconstructing Mayo - I'm a sucker for vintage sets. What can I say?

From Joe Collector:
Looks like someone else is looking forward to 2009 Finest...

From Ballcard Mania:
I'd love to have this card...
Now starting at third base.....Eric Lindross!

Finally, from Stats on the Back:
Something to make you laugh

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