Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Player collecting - Bonds, Griffey and Williams?

Since I was in about 6th grade or so, I've collected a few players. Mainly Barry Bonds, Ken Griffey, Jr. and, for unknown reasons, Matt Williams. I think I probably just had a lot of Matt Williams cards so I decided to collect them for a while. Out of those players, Barry Bonds was the one that I most seriously collected. I'm not sure how many Bonds cards I currently have - more than 10 but less than 1000. Anyway, I'll try to catalog my Bonds collection and see exactly what I have there in the near future. Here's the kicker - I don't particularly care for Barry Bonds anymore. After BALCO and everything that happened with him, I can't really respect him or his accomplishments very much. He was one of the most talented ballplayers to ever play baseball, but he had to go and screw it up by cheating. I don't get it. Anyway, I need to decide what to do with all of my Barry Bonds cards. Do I keep them? Do I try to trade them? Sell them? I don't think I could get very much for them anymore. If I had tried to unload my Bonds collection a few years ago, I probably could have gotten a tidy sum for the collection. Ahhhhh....what to do, what to do. Any ideas? Anyone want a bunch of Bonds cards? Trade?


  1. Have you checking out eBay to see what the going rate is?

  2. No I haven't done that yet. I need to figure out exactly what I have and then I guess I'll check out eBay to see what the going rate it.
    Good idea, thanks

  3. I am actually trying to get rid of mine as well. If they're not autographed, the cards are pretty much worthless. I've seen so many lots on eBay go unsold. I think I'm going to give them away in a contest soon.


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