Sunday, October 4, 2009

Getting back into it

Well after 6+ months of hard work, the renovations on our new home are nearly done. I just need to finish up some work in the yard and in the new kitchen and we'll be done. After that I hope to return to more regular blogging - so look for that in the near future!

I'm thinking to bring back the random Pittsburgh Pirates card of the day and maybe expand it to just random baseball card of the day. What should I do? Who knows.

That's all for now.

Let's go Pens. Let's go Steelers.

And let's go Bucs.


  1. ARe you still interested in a few Pirates cards? I have a nice little pile here building looking for a Pirate friendly environment.

  2. Haha yeah there aren't too many Pirate friendly environments anymore. But I'm always happy to add some Pirates to the collection - I'll give them a happy home!


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