Saturday, January 31, 2009


Today I'm thinking about storage for my card collection. Currently, my cards sit in a tall closet with shelving in it, from Ikea. It works pretty well, but it was $10 from Craigslist and one of the legs is about ready to fall off. I'm wondering what everyone else does for storage. Do I use boxes and store them in a closet? Do I keep my collection where I can see it and display some items? What's best for the cards? I know I should keep them out of direct sunlight, protect them, etc. but what about temperature? Does that matter? We are starting to look at houses and there is a possibility I could have much more space for my collection...what should I do? Hmm...

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  1. i actually have an idea for you...and it, too, hails from our favorite swedish furniture store. i think you'll like it a lot for your man cave! :)

    there are a few different sizes and such...could be cool, no?


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