Saturday, February 7, 2009

Good posts from other blogs

Here are some good posts from other baseball card blogs. I've missed most of these since I've been away from the blog for the last week or so.

Nothing new at this one, but this site is pretty funny. It's all about Ugly Baseball Cards - there are so many of them!

Apparently, 2009 Topps came to Target a little early this year - awesome.

In case you ever wanted to know anything about your favorite team, check out this post with a great link.

A few days ago I talked about storage. Then this post pops up on the internet. Coincidence? You tell me. -from Joe Collector

Apparently, it's possible to walk right into the middle of a conversation between a card shop owner and representatives from Upper Deck, and for them to be none the wiser. -from Cardboard Junkie

This one's for those of you with a ton of spare cash. -from Wax Heaven

And finally, who wouldn't want a beard hat? -from Orange Sky

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