Sunday, January 11, 2009

2005 Topps Turkey Red White

I pulled out some white border 2005 Turkey Red cards today, and man are these some sweet cards. I don't know if you've noticed, but Turkey Red has got to be my favorite set in recent years. I think the art is great, and the variations and SP cards are pretty good, in my opinion. Also, I think it's awesome that Topps included players from the original Turkey Red set - you have to love those old time uniforms. Doesn't get much better than that.
This was the set that got me back into collecting. I think I first bought a blaster at Wal-Mart (gross, I know) and since then I've been hooked on this set. I never pulled an auto or really valuable card, just one Bagwell patch card which I sold on eBay for like $17 or something.
Going through these white border cards, I have Alex Rodriguez, Curt Schiling, Chase Utley, and many others. Sometimes I forget what cards I have, and it's always fun to pull them out after a couple of years and remember why I like this set so much.
Anyone else have a favorite set?


  1. The first two years for TR were great, but the third didn't do too much for me. The GU inserts - white or black - were sweet. I'm presently enjoying the doomed 2008 Masterpieces (venturing into generally disagreeable Upper Deck territory) and I'm a sucker for most anything Bowman. Thanks for your blog; I just stumbled upon it from Joe, who I found via my daily Mario fix.

  2. Thanks for the comment Jack. I haven't gotten into the Masterpieces set myself, but after seeing how it online I might have to check it out - looks like a pretty sweet set.


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